What Customers Are Saying

My wife and I are getting older and need our children’s help sometimes. Our security and home automation system helps tremendously. The kids each get text alerts if there is a problem and also when we set our alarm in the evening. They can also view the cameras in the main area of the house and set the alarm themselves if we retire without remembering to set it. It is a good feeling to have this layer of security.

Robert B., Jacksonville, TX

My brother, sister and I live in a rural community within 3 miles of each other. Each of us have this security system in our homes and if any alarms go off, we all receive text alerts almost instantly from any of the three systems. Since our homes do not have close neighbors, this works real well for us and if someone is out of town, we feel a lot safer being connected in this way.

Steve K., Linden, TX

This security system is perfect for my mother. She is alone now and wishes to continue living in the family home. This system provides her a safe and secure environment and I can help her control it from my home and office. I receive almost instant text alerts if something goes wrong at her home.

Bill A., El Paso, TX